NOSA Occupational Hygiene Services is an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) for occupational hygiene, and is a SANAS-approved OH AIA (OH0113 – SANAS 17020). The AIA status for NOSA Occupational Hygiene Services covers the following services: monitoring of chemical stress factors, physical stress factors, and evaluation of indoor air quality and ventilation systems.

NOSA’s occupational hygiene services include:

• Health risk assessments

• Risk assessments on occupational stressors including hazardous     chemical substances (dusts, fumes, vapours, and so on), physical     agents (noise, heat, ventilation,    vibration, illumination, and so on),    biological agents and ergonomics    (physical and organisational     aspects)

• Workplace and environmental monitoring

• Hazardous chemical substance    surveys such as dusts, fumes, vapours and asbestos – according    to internationally recognised methods (the US National Institute    for Occupational Safety and Health/OSH Act/HSE)

• Noise surveys for hearing   conservation or annoyance   purposes

• Radiation assessment for sources of human exposure to microwave    and radiofrequency fields in the    frequency range 3kHz to 300GHz

• Illumination (day and night time)    and emergency illumination     surveys

• Ventilation and indoor air quality surveys, including an evaluation of    the efficiency of laboratory fume    cupboards, extraction ventilation systems and spray booths
• Thermal stress, heat and cold stress    surveys

• Hygiene and facilities survey     including food handling, sanitary    facilities, change rooms, canteens    and drinking water

• Baseline ergonomic surveys   (physical and organisational     aspects) Air, water and soil pollution assessments

• Analytical and laboratory services

• On-request training services for    clients on specific stressors, and    custom-designed training material and manuals

• NOSA is fully accredited with the

Health and Welfare Sector

Educational Training Authority

(HWSETA) to present South African

Qualifications Authority   (SAQA)-approved skills            programmes. Furthermore, NOSA    is an ISO 9001 registered and accredited provider of health and    safety training