NOSA is an accredited height safety training provider through the Services SETA and a specialist fall arrest training provider with constituent assessor and moderators registered, qualified and experienced in the facilitation of height safety courses either on-site or at our Working at Height Training Academy in Centurion, South Africa.

NOSA is regarded as the biggest height-safety training provider in South Africa, having numerous height-safety trainers as part of their full-time complement, servicing clients with not only accredited height-safety courses but also competency courses ranging from basic working at height training to post-fall arrest rescue.

Training is regarded as one of the key controls in a safety system ensuring that personnel are trained to both assess the risk of working at height and implement and revise the fall protection plan in line with both Swaziland and South African regulation. With our courses focused on the essential outcomes as per the unit standards, the practical application thereof is focused on both best practice and sound knowledge of height safety.