NOSA has recognised that information technology is the way of the future and that software is going to become integral in helping companies manage their SHE exposure.

MIRACLES is an easy-to-use system for integrated risk management assessments and effective control. The system proactively alerts key users to essential risk management activities and is compatible with ISO standard and NOSA system specifications.

NOSA-ims is designed to simplify incident management across your organisation by managing the full lifecycle of incidents on one platform. The system is accessed via the Internet and allows you to collect comprehensive incident data, implement corrective actions, and ensure proper incident notification up the chain of command.

NOSA’s supplier vetting system (SVS) allows organisations to manage their suppliers within a multiple site and sub contracting environment. NOSA’s SVS is a third-party, independent accreditation programme that assesses suppliers’ conformance to international best practices and responsible supply chain management. NOSA’s SVS provides not only the software system for vetting suppliers but also a comprehensive document-review process and work site compliance audit. Our qualified auditors take the industry sector and business size into consideration, thus providing tailored audits specific to the supplier’s risk profile.