SHE management is one of the key challenges facing global mining firms in Africa and NOSA is best positioned to assist in mitigating this risk. With a global footprint, NOSA is continually working towards innovative solutions to help mining companies succeed in an ever-changing business environment. Through NOSA’s extensive training, consulting and auditing services, we have a proven track record of reducing injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Mining services include:

NOSA Risk Management Consulting: Through our highly specialised consulting services we help mining industry clients    analyse and manage risk to people, productivity, quality, and the environment. Consulting on any safety, health, environmental and quality (SHEQ)-related issues

NOSA Safety Audits: NOSA offers services to the mining industry focusing on the NOSA integrated five-star system.

•The following audit guidelines are available: opencast mining; surface plants and workshops; quarries and works; and under-   ground coal mine, hard rock mine and other mineral mines

Training Programmes: NOSA training programmes provide the necessary knowledge and skills to identify and manage    SHE risks within the mining industry consequences

• NOSA Mine Management Training and Mentoring Programme: In addition to the other mining training programmes, this    unique programme provides the opportunity to grow mining professionals through structured training and ongoing     mentoring

Snake, Scorpion and Spider Risk Management and Awareness: Mining companies often operate in environments where and emergency procedures for  snake bites